The Art of Recycling

We just love getting creative with old junk and what better way to do it than with paper mache?

This has to be just about the most versatile medium that you can imagine. We’ve had a go at making all sorts, from life-size baby elephants to surfboards.

Paper Mache Elephant

My Wellington Tusk

The brilliant thing about it is that you can hide a multitude of sins underneath the paper mache ‘skin’.

paper mache baboon

Paper Mache Baboon

Gawie, our bongo-drum playing baboon, was made from, cardboard, an empty two litre lemonade bottle, some wire coat hangers and a yoghurt pot.

And our Ele above was built using a whole load of those dreadful single use plastic supermarket packets to pad him out.

One way of keeping them out of land fill sites, though I’d prefer a better solution. It does go to show that anything goes though. as and when we have time we’ll be adding a lot more of our art to this section of the site.

We also have a Facebook page (which we are terrible at updating) where you can have a poke around and maybe make contact with other PM artists.

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